LOTS of Possibilities

The LOTS of Possibilities Award that dyeScape won in May 2014 is what has help get Anchal’s new project to where it is now. This competition that was hosted by the Louisville Metro Government gave dyeScape the opportunity to jump-start the project through being rewarded with funds and 3 parcels of land.

“Louisville’s urban dyeScape is a network of small-scale gardens that support the cultivation of dye plants for the purpose of natural textile production.  dyeScape provides an income stream for participants, enhances ecological balance, strengthens the local economy, and educates the community about sustainable textile practices.”


Anchal’s Colleen & Maggie Clines; Urban Planner, Louis Johnson; and numerous volunteers have been working hard to develop dyeScape to begin the goal of adding new life and opportunities to depressed neighborhoods throughout Louisville, Ky. On June 28, 2014, the dyeScape team successfully began to break ground at our central garden in the Portland Neighborhood and we held a major workday on July 12, 2014. Throughout the summer of 2014, the dyeScape team worked to develop this space to begin to build up this plan that will eventually become a worldwide sensation.

A little over a year later, dyeScape has made tremendous strides and is close to being ready for the official launch of the plan. Through this award, we have constructed our central garden in the Portland neighborhood. This plot is the foundation of our plan to create a network of dye gardens, with this location acting as the home base for dyeScape and the other gardens that will be located throughout the Louisville community.

Thanks to this award dyeScape has been able come to life!